Rachel Savich Oser

Professional Surveyor (PS)

GIS Professional (GISP)

Rachel is a licensed Professional Surveyor in Indiana and two adjoining states. She is certified as a GISP (Geographic Information Systems Professional) and she holds a Bachelor of Science in Surveying and Mapping Science from East Tennessee State University. She has over 17 years of experience in public and private sector land surveying and GIS development.

Before starting Oser Surveying & Mapping, Rachel was the Professional Surveyor for Monroe County, where her primary focus was the implementation of an ambitious section corner perpetuation program. She also directed historical document preservation efforts, counseled the public and other government offices on surveying issues, and reviewed every subdivision plat submitted to the Monroe County Planning Department.

Prior to her position with Monroe County, Rachel spent nearly 10 years working for a large Bloomington based surveying and engineering firm. She focused on ALTA surveys, residential subdivisions, route surveys, topographic design surveys, and the creation of Geographic Information Systems for statewide utilities and government agencies.

Rachel is an active member of the Indiana Society of Professional Land Surveyors and she serves on the Monroe County Surveyor Review Board. She spearheaded a six-county historical survey records acquisition project, and she created a statewide digital repository for original PLSS survey records as well as a user-friendly interactive map to make those records freely available to surveyors, historians, ecologists, and the general public.

Phil Oser

After earning his Bachelor of Science degree from Indiana University in 2005, Phil began his career as a restoration ecologist, working with both public and private landowners to improve ecological function on their land. In 2008, he started work as an hourly employee at Eco Logic, a small Bloomington based ecological consulting & restoration firm, where he eventually made partner and was promoted to Assistant Director in 2014.  Phil proved to be efficient, innovative, and highly effective, helping the company reach new heights by providing the highest quality restoration services available, and implementing unique mapping techniques that would eventually become industry standards.  His excellent project management skills, GIS capabilities, and love of the outdoors serve him well at Oser Surveying & Mapping where he is once again helping to grow a small company that provides the highest quality services available.

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